Online casino design fundamentals

Holly White

May 9, 2014

Over the years casino designers have learned a great deal about how their customers think and act, and the design of a casino has become a highly refined art. To a large extent this follows the same ethos as designers use when designing a large supermarket. The supermarket is laid out to maximise sales, for instance by placing fresh fruit and vegetables near the entrance, placing the products that they prefer customers to buy, for instance their own branded products, at eye level and using counters at the checkout stations to encourage people to buy sweets and other impulse purchases. Olfactory and audio experiences along with cleanliness are also factors that are designed to encourage the customer to buy. While this maximises sales, it also improves customer experience, so it is a kind of win-win game, though perhaps biased in favour of the merchant.

In casinos similar principles are followed. For instance aural and olfactory experiences along with cleanliness all play a part, and so does the layout. It isn’t just by chance that the slot machines are stationed by the entrance, low stakes tables line the gaming floor periphery and the high stakes tables are positioned in the casino’s central heart.

When designing an online casino it is important to apply the same fundamentals. Although you can’t do anything about olfactory experiences, at least not until we have the smelly-smartphone, you can do a great deal with audio experiences, using the right mixtures of sounds is very important. Some casinos use popular figures in order to draw their audience in such as the presence of Lara Croft and Batman on the homepage of In terms of cleanliness we aren’t talking about clean floors and tables, but we are talking about clean designs which are uncluttered and not confusing. The third aspect is layout, and just as in a real casino an online casino should guide the client through simple games such as slots through to the more serious high stakes games of blackjack and poker. Successful online casinos do exactly that, and as a result their clients keep on coming back