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Smoking a Turkey

Posted: 11/30/2014

I could not smoke a turkey on Thanksgiving Day this year because it was a Spare the Air day.  So I waited until the Saturday afterwards and followed the guidelines set by  Jeff's Smoking Meats for the most part.  I used his wonderful buttermilk brine recipe and soakled the turkey overnight (about 16 hours), and then shoved garlic herb butter in between the skin of the breasts and then put it in the smoker with the breast side up to allow that butter to drip. 

I used a combination of apple and cherrywood and kept it at about 250 for 6 and a half hours.  The taste was fantastic and it was wonderfully moist.  It actually was better in texture and taste than the deep fried turkey we had on Thursday.

Buttermilk Brined Smoked Turkey