January Rant Update (Better late than NEVER)

Posted March 18, 2012

So I should have written this when it happened, but I found yet another reason why January Sucks.  Twice in my adult life, I have been laid off as part of a company RIFF.  Once was in 1994 and the other time?  You guessed it, 2012.  Yep!

It had been going downhill for some time at my place of employment.  Ever since a particular incident went down which I call "Foosgate" back in November, the conditions working there had started taking a dive.  I remember going in one day and realizing "It's not fun anymore..."

Friday the 13th of January, a company wide email went out announcing a series of off site meetings at the movie theater nearby, and I was in the first group, meeting the following Monday at 10:30.

By 2pm, the most four words uttered amongst us were "What group are you in?" and those of us in Group 1 figured out pretty quickly what was going to happen.  That weekend, the guy who hired me texted me to ask if I could access VPN.  I went to try and nope, I couldn't gain access to our network.  Neither could he.  

Our suspicions were confirmed when we arrived at the movie theater at the appointed time and we were told we were laid off.  That morning, we were all saying our goodbyes - many of our coworkers had no clue this was about to go down.

Anyway - it was a relief in a lot of ways but it added another reason I don't like January...