Facebook not FEETBOOK

Posted September 27, 2012

Feetbook - DISLIKE

Okay, I hope I don't offend some of my friends on Facebook who have done this...but I've been thinking about this for quite a while and here it is.  


I've seen people post pictures of their feet after a pedicure - or just for the heck of it - over and over again on their Facebook timelines.  Let's face it, most of the population does not have nice looking feet so puh-lease - unless you're a foot model or something which is a low percentage of us -  for the most part, feet are one of our ugliest features. 

Same goes for open toed shoes.  If they are hideous, cover em' up.  No one wants to see that.  A couple of weeks ago, my minx had come off (it's this heat activated adhesive things that go on your nails in all different patterns) and left a bit of adhesive behind that I couldn't get off.  I purposely wore closed toed shoes until I put on a color to conceal it.  I'm not going to subject anyone to that.

Here's one I firmly believe in - The Summer Shoe Pledge.

My feet were okay (but I still wouldn't post pix of them) until I got into competitive ice skating, and then they became "utilitarian" and it's apparent how hard they worked during those years.  The only time I 'share' my feet is if someone asks me what cool minx pattern I have.  Usually I direct them to the minxnails.com site to look but got "I want to see what it looks like on your feet."  Immediately after sending such pix, I deleted them.  I don't want to look at pictures of feet; mine or anyone else's!

I liken this to Sunday mornings when I am reading the magazine section while having breakfast, and they have all of those weird "toe braces" that they advertise pictorially.  Eeeew...slam dunks the appetite every time.