Traffic Jams at Curves

Posted January 18, 2013

I go to Curves at least 3 times a week and do my circuit training workout. What has been irritating me is traffic jams in the really bugs me...

For those not familiar with how Curves© works,you go in and you spend a prescribed amount of time on a number of stations.  Some are "recovery stations" where you walk, run, dance in place, and others are resistance machines that work every muscle in your body by the time you are done.  You are cued every 30 seconds to change stations and go to the next - unless you have a chip.  If you have a chip, you put it in the machine and it tells you how hard to work, keeps track of your progress, etc.  But on the recovery station, you move when the cue says change.

Not everyone uses a chip, so they are supposed to move whenever they hear "Change stations now" but there have been times when that doesn't happen.  I admit, I'm a bit OCD about some things and this is one of them.  I take my workout seriously and if I'm coming around, it gets me flustered if the person who used to be ahead of me by at least 4 stations is suddenly at the very next station because they didn't move.  One lady said "I have to do it longer."  Other times it is because everyone gets to chatting (it's what us ladies do) and no one hears the cues.  I'm sure I've had that happen a few times myself.  But if someone is right on my tail, I'll skip, or suggest if they are just starting "you  probably shouldn't start there - we'll bunch up."  Or, if someone isn't moving, I'll smile and say "Gee, how'd we get bunched up?"  I don't want to be the "B" of Curves, Fremont, but it really bugs me - enough to blog/rant about it on my website.

With that, "Change Stations Now."