Another Traffic Jam at Curves!

Posted March 25, 2013

My last rant was about traffic jams at Curves, also. But this time, a new twist. This one was actually a Curves Employee On Duty causing it! One who usually isn't there when I work out. I am so peeved...

So I got there and there were only a couple of people on the circuit.  One lady was stuck on one recovery pad, talking to another lady stretching so I decided okay, start on the next station, which I did.  The circuit was empty now except for the talkative lady.

I was coming around just fine and the talkative lady was moving around doing her own thing as she put it...and threw in "not that it's doing any good...."  I countered with that saying hey, she's moving, getting her blood flowing, and don't get discouraged, etc. 

I completed my first lap, and was about a quarter of the way through my second, when the employee on duty decides to do her workout and gets on the next recovery pad.  The way Curves works is, there's a recovery pad (you walk or run in place) followed by a machine, followed by another recovery pad, etc.  When the circuit is empty and you are starting, you make sure you have enough space so you don't bunch up with whomever else is on the circuit. She had the whole flipping circuit - why did she have to start immediately adjacent to me?  It was RIDICULOUS!

Every 30 seconds, a voice prompts you to change stations.  If you are using "Curves Smart" and are on a machine, you don't swich stations until your computer chip you are carrying around and plugging into each machine tells you to.  Once on a recovery  pad, when you hear Change Stations, you change, unless you just got there and it's not crowded.

So, the Employee was using her Curves Smart chip (and so was I).  I knew we were going to bunch up because the Curves Smart chip often has you there longer than 30 seconds.  Sure enough, we bunched up. 

"How did we bunch up?" I asked innocently (knowing full well the answer....)  She didn't say anything and I said "I'm really OCD about this stuff - this really messes me up when this happens."  She didn't move.  I had to figure out how I would go around her and remember what I had done and hadn't and I let her know that this was NOT cool with me.  I routinely laugh at myself about being OCD about the circuit and it's know that if I'm on the circuit and you don't move, I'll run your a$#$ over.  

So it kept going like that, and I had to go around her twice.  Then I was on one machine and the recovery pad RIGHT after the one she was on was my next target and I jumped on it and got in HER way.  ARGH.

Also, she wasn't picking up the games...(huh?)  We play games on some of the recovery pads - in fact it just occurred to me that she never told me if I got the trivia question right.  I just became more pissed off...she didn't pick up the rings from ring toss, or the toss across bean bags.  Just left them.  These are always picked up by whomever is on duty so the next person on the circuit can distract themself tossing rings or beanbags.  (I was ready to toss bean bags at HER).

Anyhow, I am hissy and it's almost an hour and a half later...ugh...Time to let it go...