Don't Hate Me Because I'm not a Baseball Fan

Posted October 22, 2014

When the Giants come to's Bye bye baby!!  I grew up hearing that song in a very sports-oriented household.  But I just can't get into the fever that is striking the Bay Area right now.  I'm very pleased to see our team in the Series, don't get me wrong...

I just could never stand baseball or any for of it.  I remember in 5th grade, my friend and I learned that we were going to spend the remainder of the school day out in the field playing softball.  We both detested softball, so we went into the traffic patrol room and hid. 

I used to be a 49er season ticket holder - I held onto my dad's tickets for as long as I could afford to.  I enjoyed going to the games and being there, but watching it on TV?  Not so much. The only sport I get into watching on TV is Indy car racing.  That gets me going.

So, I may have a black and orange manicure going right now - but it is Halloween...or I could go with the bandwagon and say "Go giants!"  I'm going to say that anyway but just not watch the games.

My whole neighborhood is very much into it so I don't have to go far to figure out how they are doing - I hear the cheers and the fireworks going off.

So this wasn't much of a rant - I just am not into Baseball, but still wish the Giants a win.  Wish my dad and Uncle John were here to see it!