A Rain Day? Really?

Posted December 16, 2014

It is a well known fact that California has been experiencing a serious drought - possibly the worst in history - for the last few years.  But this year, the storm door seems to have opened, and last week, a huge storm was expected on Thursday.  The media was all over it and it resulted in - are you ready - for SCHOOLS TO CLOSE.  Yes....a RAIN DAY!

The storm came, as expected, and it was a doozy - but I remember my elementary school years - heavy storms like this one - lots of rain and wind, flooding, trees down, etc.  But we had to go to school.  Life went on as usual! 

It was crazy!  I went out at noon to go to my weight watchers meeting and there were no cars on the road!  Everyone was staying in, huddled in their houses...my husband who works for the school had to work; but the teachers and kids were at home with their rain day.

I know my friends in Indiana and Connecticut are laughing at us...it's embarassing.  But I will admit this right now - I am one of those Californians who can't drive in the rain.  I think it's an 'out of practice' thing for me. 

Anyway, I had to vent about a Rain Day and wonder if this is going to become a trend..