Driving is COMBAT

Posted September 20, 2018

I commute to San Jose and have for the past year and will for the foreseeable future.  It's become ridiculous on the road.  Drives are crazier than ever!

One morning, I was trying to get on the freeway and a guy decided that no, I was NOT going to get on the freeway and proceeded to run me off onto the shoulder!  Unbelieveable!  I was in my car!

It's gotten so bad that I decided it wasn't safe to ride my Harley anymore.  I wound up doing something I never thought I'd do - I sold it. 

I did find a good way to avoid most of the 880 portion of my commute as Fremont Blvd. goes all the way through now to McCarthy, so I get on at Dixon Landing and go another 4 miles to my exit.

That said, it's still ridiculous to try to get to and from work safely.  Even though my hours are "flexed" it is still pure combat trying to get to and from work. 

In the afternoon, I go down an industrial section to get on the road as it's fewer stop lights, but there is a street that insersects that I refer to A--hole Street.  Big industrial trucks and such just come barreling out without bothering to look.  Also, large trucks just stop on the road with their "Park Anywhere Buttons" pushed.  Sense of entitlement.  Anyway, it's tough out there and has gotten way worse!  Be careful!