Clutter is Killing Me

Date published: January 23, 2022


So what to do?  I'd love to get my house cleaned every other week, but it's tough to do so when there is TOO MUCH STUFF IN THE WAY to give a good cleaning.  I recently organized my craft room and can actually go in there and work on stuff, but it still has its problem areas.  I'd love to get my work table into the corner where the pegboard is.  Can I do it?   I'm not sure...where will the musical instruments live? 

In that wave, I start my ceramics class at Ohlone this coming week.  It was to be in person, but the latest wave of COVID has us shut down and zooming until February 15th (and I am doubting it will end there).  I now have to set up a "clay studio" and if I thought resin was messy, clay is 10x worse!  I already have a shower curtain on the floor to catch any drippings...I wish I had room in the garage to do my clay work.  Husband is making sounds of taking it and setting up outside but guess what? The classes are at night.  So I'd have to freeze my a-- off outside, in the dark, trying to make "art."  It's JANUARY, for crying out loud!  I don't know what to do at this point.  I think I'll ask about a corner of the garage near the door where I used to have my glass cutting station...something has to give and I don't want to make a huge mess in the house.

As for the rest of the house, I did purge over 100 DVDs.  I pride myself of my DVD collection, but it had gotten out of control.  I am paring down my collection to movies I will truly want to watch again and get rid of everything else.  A lot of people, these days, don't even have DVDs or CDs.  I still have a big CD collection too, and I love the idea of digitizing it all and getting rid of the CDs and the cabinet that they are in.  Maybe that's a project for me when I'm recovering from my upcoming hand surgery.

Husband doesn't realize I've purged the DVDs.  I only purged my own DVDs; the ones he brought into the marriage, as horrid as some of them are (aka Grease 2), they still remain part of the collection, although some of them are better suited to be used as coasters or for targets for trap shooting  ("PULL!"  BLAMMMMMM - Music playing- GREASE 2 IS NOT THE WORD...  NOT THE WORD NOT THE WORD not the word not the word....[fading]) felt good to purge those titles and prevented me from having to expand into another cabinet which we don't have and don't have room for.

My TV DVDs are in a separate area; I just like to separate TV from movies -it's just me I guess.  My collection appears on this website, and I need to redo the UX on it; (UX=User Experience in viewing it online) but I keep putting it off.  I like the hover over the title effects to get the description, etc. but the layout bugs me.  I have to figure it out.

As for the image, 5 things nobody has in their house(!?????!!!???)

Guilty to all 5.  I'll conclude with that.

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