Video Clips

The following are favorite video clips of mine.

Attack Turtle

Baby Elephant playing on a Beach

Best Kitty Hug

Blowing a Bowl
I took an intro to glass blowing and blew a bowl.

Brutus - Huge cat, tiny voice

Brutus Gets Vacuumed

Brutus gets vacuumed for even longer

Cat BARKING - then gets busted and meows

Cat Bike Guy

Cat saying NO to bathtime

Cat says I don't want it

Cat thinks she's a dog!
This is really funny - I've never seen a cat pant and wag!

Conversing Cats

Conversing Cats - Voiceover

Drunk Kitty
Poor kitty coming after being sedated at the vet!

Exercise Partner

Fainting Goats

First Day Blunders on a Snowboard

Gary Rides Again

Gary Rides Again (Harley Fireworks Dude)

Gilligan's Island Meets Led Zeppelin
I heard this many many years ago and finally found it on YouTube!

HOG display at the fair

How to Make Corn Tortillas

Japanese Cat who likes to take baths
This kitty seems to like baths!!!!!

Kitten bottle fed with funny ears

Kitten with Laser pointer

My Wedding Bike Ride

OCD Toilet Flushing Cat
Gizmo the toilet flushing cat

Oreo gets a massage

Oreo gets his feet rubbed
Oreo loves to have his back feet him fan out his toes...

Oreo playing with the laser pointer

Oreo the flirt

Otters Holding Hands

Ride Across the Golden Gate Bridge
Join me with my HOG chapter as we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day.

Senior Olympics - Sych Swimmers


Simone - Incantations not working!
Simone puts a little English on her incandations...

Simone Blessing a new Mailing Box
So if we make a new box, Simone blesses it..

Simone Chanting at the Door
I don't know what goes through her little brain.

Simone Praying Reloaded

Simone Prays for Pizza

Simone with the Laser Pointer

Simon's Cat - Cat Man Do

Simon's Cat - Let Me In!

Simon's Cat - Santa Claws

Simon's Cat - TV Dinner

Sparta the Mean Kitty

Standing Kitty

Surprise Kitten

The Cat and the Crow

The Lion SLeeps Tonight

This is your Brain on Catnip
I brought home a live catnip plant...oh boy...

Trololo Cat

Viva La Vida - Live in Concert July 13, 2009

When Cats Attack

Wrestling with the Holiday Turkey

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