Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup)

This hearty, spicy soup is a cure for what ails you!

Chicken Enchiladas

Corn Tortillas

Nothing like freshly made corn tortillas!  Sore bought are like cardboard...why not make your own?  It's easy if you  have a tortilla press which you can get at any Mexican market.

Eggplant and Feta Turnovers

Malaysian dish. It can be prepared several hours in advance and then baked whenever you are ready to eat. Quick, easy to prepare and is fantastic.

Enchilada Sauce

Why buy canned enchilada sauce?  You can make it easily and it's not just for enchiladas.

Hoison Chicken

This is delicious and can either be done on a whole chicken on a rotissirie or cut up chicken.

Huevos Rancheros

Traditional Mexican breakfast food

Jalepeno Poppers

These are great for a tailgate, a bbq, or any time, really.  Watch out - they can be HOT!

Marian\'s Killer Garlic Bread


This masa is used for making tamales.

Mexican Rice

This is the rice typically served at Mexican Restaurants with a slightly orange color.

Oaxacan Mole Rojo (Mole Sauce)

This is very good over chicken or turkey (I use it to make Chicken Mole)

I got this recipe from the Fremont Argus, which credits Dona Savitsky of Dona Tomas. I made it for the most discrening mole critic (my husband) who said it was perfect

Quiche Rancheros

One of those creative bursts led me to making a quiche with my breakfast ingredients.  The result is delicious!

Refried Beans

You'll never want canned again!

Tortilla Soup

This hearty soup is delicious and low in fat while high in nutrients.