Snowboarding - Bucket List Item CHECK

Posted January 31, 2015

I finally did it - I snowboarded

I didn't do GREAT or anything, just got FAMILIAR with snowboarding.  We went up to Kirkwood and my friend, Raye, who is an accomplished snowboarder, helped me get used to the feeling.  We practiced in some snow by some cabins.  2 Years (and more than 50 pounds ago) this would not have been possible at all!

I spent most of the time on my bottom but I already knew that was normal.  I'm preparing my 'blooper video' now of my antics.  We got one kind of shaky video of my last 'run' of about 15 feet where I actually steer on purpose and stop and stay on my feet.  I plan on going again - maybe take my skiis and ski part of the day and snowboard the other part of the day.  Why not?  Only problem is that lift tickets are outrageously priced now.  It is cheaper to by a season pass and unemployed me - that's just out of sight.  We'll go to Leland Snow park the next time the storm door opens - it's free!