Posted November 12, 1999

Well, my home based business sort of dried up. I am glad I tried it, but it didn't keep food on the table or the roof over my head, so I had to go back to work. I am continuing to maintain my business and I don't turn any work down. I now work as a consultant in San Francisco at a large web/publishing firm.

I do get to do a bit of telecommuting, and so that will be my goal since I really enjoy working at home. I get a lot more done at home too for some reason. Maybe it's a comfort level thing.

Humor Section Continues to Grow
Years of receiving e-mail has left me with quite a collection of funny stuff. I am in the process of putting the best of it up into a humor section. I'm adding more all the time (when I have time) and it was kicked off one morning when I had my usual 3 AM insomnia which usually hits me once or twice a week. Enjoy it! If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please do. E-mail me at