Just an update

Posted July 12, 1999

I found a site called Photopoint, that allows its users to e-mail their photos and they have a nifty script that arranges them into thumbnails on web pages so you have your own albums. And it is free. I don't know how big of an album I can have; this one is getting rather large. It takes the work out of developing the album pages for me, so now most of my photo shows are going to be directly on Photopoint. (UPDATE 2005: No longer true - as I have written my own photo gallery program featured here on this site).

New developments in my career have sent me spinning websites on my own. The situation has changed dramatically in my life so I no longer have to work for someone! I am continuing to soak up all of the knowledge I can.

I have successfully built my network at homee and have created a firewall. I am working on all aspects of Website Development including Server Side issues.

I've learned more since December of '98 than I've learned over periods of years -- it's like my dad's spirit has gotten me into that!

That's about it for now.