Our Trip to the Indy 500

Posted June 1, 1999

Raceday, 1999 dawns over Gasoline Alley

The sun rose over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and I was there to catch it. Unlike last year, we did not have to wonder if it would begin raining any moment during the race, or wait while high-powered dryers were taken around the track to dry it for the event. (Instead, it rained about 10 minutes after the race was over).

We had more fun this year than last because our media credentials allowed us to be part of the event instead of purely a spectator. We shot many pictures and they are not all up yet in my photo album online, but you can see some of them by clicking

Training for the next Race
No, I haven't followed in my sister's running-shoe steps and taken up jogging or triathalons. I'm working on getting myself in better physical condition for the next IRL race we're covering.

In Indianapolis, the complex known as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is HUGE. The parking lot was just north of the start/finish line which sits in the middle of the 2.5 mile oval. That meant my walk from the car to the media building was about 1/2 mile. On race day, I walked from the parking lot to the media center, to my seat, to Turn 1, to my seat, and back to the media center. I figure I must have done about 3 miles that day.

In Las Vegas, my feet died after the first day, so I had new shoes this time. My plans for conditioning for this year's Vegas race include a lot of walking and strength training. Going to the gym and getting on the stairclimber won't hurt either; it's for a good cause. Maybe I'll drop some pounds while I'm working on it, which would help too.

One thing is sure: You have to be in shape to get good pictures at the races and be there when it's happening!