What's next???

Posted February 20, 2020

So I was a little over 7 weeks out, still not eating, so I went to see my primary care physician.  First thing she noticed was that my left leg was very swollen and ordered an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was not to be for a couple of days, but fortunately they had a cancellation.  The results were frightening - blood clots!  They rushed me to the ER where I waited for 1) for a clot to dislodge and kill me or 2) for someone to treat me.  Hours later, I was finally seen.  Never did get a room; was in a bed in a hallway.  THANK YOU, KAISER.  They put me on blood thinners - had to learn to inject myself (way fun) but it was easier than I thought it would be. 

A week and a half later, I still have a Popeye the Sailor Leg and now I'm on lasix. The chances of this happening were slim and none; especially given my healthy blood, kidney function, etc.  It is also weird for it to occur so far out after the surgery. 

So here I am, wondering when my life will resemble normal again...