Total Knee Replacement - Day 16

Posted January 4, 2020

My new parts

So these two X-Rays were taken right after I woke up from the procedure.  The bright white parts are the new parts - they even resurfaced my patella (knee cap).  I had a breakthrough yesterday 6 hours after some grueling physical therapy - I couldn't lift my leg more than a couple of inches off the table.  I was told my muscles have temporarily forgotten how to do it and if I work both sides, it'll come back. 

Exhausted after PT, I didn't do much, then last night a miracle happened - I lifted my leg up and then WAY up!  I can lift it on and off the couch, the bed, the car seat, etc now.  Yes, it aches - but it's coming back!  YAY!

Saying I have a long way to go is an understatement, but this was such a good sign of recovery to come!