Marianbuilt Computer

Posted July 2, 1999

My husband makes fun of me and says that I have gone to "The Dark Side" because I use more PC power than Mac Power these days.

Back in the early 90's, PCs didn't do anything spectacular at all. It wa a pain to get them to do nice, graphic fonts, or anything graphically oriented at all. That changed around 1994 or so and has improved greatly since. I don't want to put down Apple's products at all; they are innovative and if it weren't for the Mac, we wouldn't be able to do what we are doing. The Mac people truly did what their slogan says "Think Different," and I was a cast in the wool Mac user for many years.

The basic reasons why I have almost all but switched to PC platform are as follows:

I know that from his corner in Heaven, my dad watched while I went to the comptuer store, picked out components, a case, memory, etc., went home and put it together. I had a little trouble because I didn't know that those 'copper things' were supposed to screw into the case to ground the motherboard, but thanks to my assistant at work, that's all that was wrong. It fired up, and I am coding this very page on it. I can't just go out and buy parts and make a Mac!

I haven't gone to 'the dark side;' I am just being practical!