Never Thought This Day Would Come

Posted September 20, 2018

July 30, 2018

I never thought I would sell my Harley.  But, as talked about in my latest rant, the drivers are crazier than ever.  Fremont was actually listed as the 6th worst place to drive in the State!

I realized it had been more than a year since I had last ridden my beloved Road King, "Thor."  The tags are almost $200 a year and the insurance about that also.  I also knew that I needed to get a new pair of tires before I could ride it again; that would set me back aboug $500!  I felt bad every time I'd see him in the garage, getting dustier and dustier.  It was a tough decision - I pondered this for about 6-7 months.  Then, I learned that a friend of a friend back in Indiana had been in a freak accident with another bike and lost his leg.  That did it.

I have had no regrets.  I hope that someone is enjoying him and riding safe.  If I want to go for a ride (jonesing to ride), I can always hop on my husband's 1200 and take it for a spin.

I had a great time riding and made some great friends for life.  It was just time to kiss it goodbye.  Life changes...