I'be been Ghosted
Posted January 10, 2019

The last 3 months have been kind of strange.  I had someone who I thought was a close friend dump me over an absolutely ridiculous reason.  I think they were looking for a reason to dump me.  We shared many situations, ups, downs, cries, cats, etc. for almost 14 years.  I decided to be the bigger person and sent a holiday card and a couple of texts saying "I hope we can get back on track again."  I then received a message from a third party saying stop.  (2 texts?)  So I deleted this person's info from my phone, etc.  Another person who is going through very hard, abusive times dumped me.  This person's thug of a boyfriend has sent her to the ER at least 3 times and she is going to marry him.  I was trying to advise but she dumped me.  Then, our bowling teammate suddenly dropped off into "ghost land."